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Many workplace insurance products only allow you to benefit from them AFTER you are dismissed?
Legal Leaders Insurance offers you professional paralegal support before your disciplinary hearing.

Experience effortless sign-up for our top-rated Legal Leaders Insurance – our quick process gets you fully covered in no time. Unlike generic AI assistants, our custom-built AI leverages advanced legal intelligence to provide trustworthy guidance tailored to your unique workplace queries.

The cost of hiring a specialist attorney?

130 000 employed South Africans end up at the CCMA every year.
Is it worth the chance?

Our Digital System

Legal Leaders Insurance’s innovative AI solution leverages advanced legal intelligence to offer the fastest, most reliable workplace protection. Our custom AI provides accurate guidance tailored to your situation, ensuring your interests are safeguarded through seamless, efficient interactions and continuous adaptation to evolving employment laws.

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Did you know?

We do not keep your Award.

At Legal Leaders Insurance, any award or settlement received by the insured will remain the property of the insured, and not be subject to any claim by the insurer, with the only exception to this being if the insured refuses a settlement and instructs the insurer to continue litigation, as detailed in the Policy Document: Settlement vs Litigation Multiplier.


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A pleasant experience throughout. Ease of booking, friendly assistance. Thank you Cabriella for being so efficient and friendly. Thank you for your professionalism...
Pabalelo Tshenkeng
I had a 30min Teams call with Mr D. Nelson. He was extremely accomodative and substantive in his explanations and advice. All in all a very productive and helpful interaction.
Dylan Hendricks
Legal leaders is the place to go to, for all your Labor related disputes, Mr Moola videos helped me in so many ways,at a Ccma case, Iam glad I had interacted with Legal leaders.
Akesh Soobramoney

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