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At Legal Leaders Insurance, we are dedicated to empowering employees and protecting their rights in the workplace.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal support and insurance coverage, ensuring that you can confidently navigate employment-related challenges.

Our Story

Founded by a team of experienced legal professionals and industry experts, Legal Leaders Insurance was born out of a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of labour law.

We recognized the need for a specialized insurance solution that would safeguard employees’ interests and provide them with the necessary legal assistance when faced with workplace disputes or unfair treatment.


At Legal Leaders Insurance, we believe in a proactive and personalized approach. Our Paralegal Support Services are designed to address potential issues before they escalate, offering dispute prevention strategies and guidance. When legal representation is required, we carefully assign experienced lawyers who specialize in your specific area of concern, ensuring that your case receives the attention and expertise it deserves.


We are committed to transparency, confidentiality, and accountability in all our dealings. We have implemented stringent measures to protect your personal information and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, founded on trust and a shared commitment to upholding employment rights.

Join the growing community of employees who have entrusted their legal protection to Legal Leaders Insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our Workplace Protection Plan and how we can support you in navigating the complexities of employment law.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workplace Protection Plan is a comprehensive legal expense insurance policy designed specifically for employees. It provides coverage for various employment-related matters, such as dismissals, disciplinary hearings, wage disputes, discrimination and harassment cases.

Our Workplace Protection Plan covers a wide range of employment-related matters, including dismissals (misconduct, retrenchment, poor performance, incapacity), constructive dismissals, wage and overtime disputes, employment contract reviews and disputes, workplace discrimination and harassment, workman’s compensation claims, and enforcement of arbitration awards.

If we are unable to resolve your matter through our Paralegal Support Services, and it qualifies for coverage under our policy terms, we will appoint and pay for a lawyer to represent you in the legal proceedings. The legal expenses covered are outlined in the policy, up to the specified limits.

No, you do not need to pay any legal fees upfront. As long as your matter is covered by our policy, we will cover the legal expenses associated with your case, subject to the policy limits and conditions.

While you can suggest a preferred lawyer, we work with a pre-vetted network of experienced lawyers. We will assign a lawyer from our network based on the specific requirements of your case and our internal selection criteria.

The duration of the claims process can vary depending on the complexity of your case. Once you notify us of a potential claim, we will assess it promptly and assign a lawyer if it qualifies for coverage. The subsequent legal proceedings will follow the standard timelines for your specific matter.

Yes, there is a waiting period after you become a member during which insurance coverage is not available. The waiting period is specified in your policy schedule. 90 Days.

Yes, you can cancel your membership by providing us with a 30-day notice period. This allows for administrative processing and finalization of any ongoing claims.