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What we do

At Legal Leaders Insurance, we are committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of employees in the workplace. Our Workplace Protection Plan provides comprehensive legal expense insurance coverage, empowering you to navigate various employment-related matters with confidence.

Access to Paralegal Support Services PRIOR to dismissal

  • In order to address workplace issues pro-actively, the insured have access to dispute prevention services (whist still employed) through trained paralegals, helping to minimize the need for formal legal proceedings and offering flexibility in support. Examples of this are:
    • Disciplinary proceedings
    • Incapacity/Poor Work Performance proceedings
    • Retrenchments
    • Grievances and associated hearings
      • Note that this support consists of insured employee preparation: we do not physically attend.

CCMA / Bargaining Council / Labour Court
Legal Assistance

Legal representation for arbitration at

  • CCMA
  • Bargaining Council
  • Labour Court

Expert legal support if your dispute escalates to this stage.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

Legal Leaders Insurance helps you understand your workplace rights, and if they are being ignored, we help you to assert them

  • Real time support
  • Drafting of grievances
  • Support for grievance hearings
  • Referrals to CCMA / Bargaining Counsel

Wage and Overtime Claims

Wage and overtime disputes can be complex and challenging to navigate. Our legal team is well-versed in labour laws and regulations, ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your work. We’ll represent you in wage and overtime claims, ensuring your rights are upheld.

Other key support benefits:


Legal representation at the arbitration stage for retrenchment cases, with potential Labour Court assistance if the case has legal merit.


We provide legal representation at the Arbitration stage for dismissal due to incapacity, with potential assistance at the Labour Court if applicable.

Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

Supports grievances related to discrimination and harassment, providing legal assistance for externally escalated cases.

Constructive Dismissal

Ensures legal representation at the Arbitration stage for constructive dismissal cases, with potential Labour Court help if the case progresses.

Injured on Duty Claims

Assists with claims under the Workman’s Compensation Act for workplace injuries or diseases, with decisions on the success prospects by the Compensation Commissioner.

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

Provides guidance and assistance for enforcing arbitration awards through the CCMA process, not covering additional enforcement costs such as disbursements and sheriffs fees.